PRIME uPVC Fixed Windows

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Fixed Windows

Fixed uPVC windows placed when designing the home serve to bring in maximum amount of natural light thereby saving on energy bills by reducing the need for using electric lights during at day times. An over sized fixed window gives the illusion of space making a small room appear larger and wider. In addition, the window ensures that the temperature of the room remains as is in rooms that are climate controlled.

Fixed Windows as the name suggests, are the type of windows which are fixed at one place and cannot be opened. The design of these windows are such that it brings in the maximum amount of sunlight or the natural light to spread across the room thereby reducing the use of external lights. Fixed windows are worth the expenditure as compared to other conventional windows as these windows come with economically less price.

As an add-on, we have an exclusive team of decor experts at our end, who could understand your needs and hence suggest the appropriate fixed window depending on the location and enable your ambience to be much elegant.

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