End-to-End solutions for customized uPVC windows and doors.

PRIME uPVC Doors and Windows Product Range

When passion meets excellence, unbelievable things come into existence. Driven by such relentless spirit, a group of highly qualified and proficient bunch of people has established manufacturing facility focusing on innovative uPVC Doors and Windows.

The best-in-class uPVC Doors and Windows are made available in the following categories:
Horizantal sliding doors and windows

Horizontal sliding doors and windows

PRIME uPVC sliding series offer superior flexibility with multiple side openers,integrated fly-screen sections and a range of section sizes covering small and large openings. Effortlessly smooth sliding and beautifully impressive PRIME uPVC sliding windows create a vast amount of space along with inviting contemporary character and comforting glass wall ambiance to any ordinary room.

Casement doors and windows

Casement doors and windows

PRIME uPVC casement windows/Doors are a popular form of window furnishing especially for those who want to capture the essence of old style charm. Our uPVC casement doors/windows have been updated with a modern twist and built with top quality casement window hardware to make them easy to operate as well as last longer and can be configured to open either in or out.

Fixed uPVC Windows

Fixed windows

Fixed uPVC windows placed when designing the home serve to bring in maximum amount of natural light thereby saving on energy bills by reducing the need for using electric lights during at day times. An over sized fixed window gives the illusion of space making a small room appear larger and wider. In addition, the window ensures that the temperature of the room remains as is in rooms that are climate controlled.

Custom-made doors and windows

Custom-made doors and windows

PRIME uPVC offers world-class uPVC doors and windows to its customers based on their requirement we customize by giving superior protection to their homes and offices.